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Nowadays online-business is one of the most perspective directions. At the moment, almost all the companies have their offices in the network, but a lot of firms start from it, not having the business in real life. Now website creation and promotion are highly demanded: a lot of new web-sites appear every day, which have a great variety of types. Certainly, due to such a situation fierce competition develops in different industries, and the fighting is for the attention of each person – the network’s user. That is why the creation and promotion of sites do not exist without each other, and their quality determines, if the case, you have undertaken, will bring you some payoff or not.

Only the professional website creation and promotion can help to recoup investment and, as a result, to receive the income from the web-resource. Whether you dealt with this case or not, it is impossible to reach the visitor loyalty, not keeping up with the times. If the resource is created for the company, it becomes the face of the brand: today the majority of people look for information about any services, products and companies just in the Internet.However, it is not enough just to create, it is necessary that you could be easily found on the net open spaces, so the creation and promotion of sites should be entrusted to a professional team that knows how to get results.

Website development and subsequent promotion

Usually website creation is a long and difficult process. Most of studios have a number of typical propositions, but the most quality projects need individual approach. In our company, website development begins with the designation of the client's goals. Probably, it would be easier to understand what kind of resource you need, if we heard about results you want to achieve. Such approach gives an opportunity to take the right course from the beginning, and go to success by the shortest way.It saves our time and your money.

In the process of website development, we divide all them into several basic types:

  • Online-stores are the most common web-resources. From the “real life”, they gradually move to a networked environment, allowing to purchasing without leaving your home. Web-site development of suchtype – direct investment to the business development. After launch such a store requires little or no expenses, only need website promotion in order to attract customers.
  • Landing Page is the evolution of the selling page; it is perfect for the organization of high-sales services.
  • Corporate portals can have different scales: from the simple representation of the brand to a multi-level system with personal accounts for employees and partners.

If you want to get the maximum income and not to overpay, website promotion should be entrusted to the same studio, which engaged in the designing and its embodying.On the Internet there are some general rules, but each developer has their own successful strategies.At that stage, when the sites are actively being developed, many factors of its future success are being laid. If one studio will do it all, you will not have to alter anything and start will be quick and confident.

Website promotion (after development)

Website development is only the first phase of online-business emergence, which is absolutely useless without the second –website promotion.Imagine that you opened a store in a new district, and the road is not paved.You hope that your goods are so necessary and useful that everyone will know about it even without advertising.But it soon becomes clear that there are many such shops and all of them have an ideal infrastructure. Customerswillnot even know of your existence: even if they accidently hear about this brand, they will not go to see, because there is no road. Website promotion allows “paving the way” to your store and big crowds of visitors will be able to come.

The main instrument of the website creation and promotion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a “magic tool”, which is synonymous, in fact, to the website promotion. The sense of such works is that resource fully satisfies all the rules of the search engines – Google, Yandex and others. Internet user’s path usually begins with inputting relevant words in the lineof search engine.

Website promotion allows you to make sure that the user,who has enteredproduct name of online-store in a search engine, got the link to your website.

Proper website promotion allows:

  • to focus target audience (people who are looking for the content of pages) on the necessary page;
  • to overtake rivals, rising above them in the search results;
  • to hold the positions up to several years without investing any more money.

If you require website creation and promotion, we will gladden you that you've come to the right place.These are the main directions of our activity.We are close-knit team of professionals with the great experience and many successfully realized projects in the past. Call us, and you will get the result.

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